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This manifesto (🔗) is aimed at local leaders. It suggests a series of actions that combine health and energy poverty action. The cities who sign recognize their role to fight energy poverty beyond short-term emergency solutions. Signing is obviously free of charge!

What does your municipality get from signing?

In the short-term:
• Your municipality demonstrates that it aims for a fair and inclusive energy transition.
• You will be part of a network of commited cities with whom you can exchange energy poverty related health issues.

On the long run:
• You trigger medium-term health and energy efficiency activities that will improve climate resilience of your citizenship.
• Your investments will decrease public health costs and social work needs.

Please send an email to Miriam via:

by 28 June 2024 the latest confirming that your municipality endorses this manifesto (by signing the manifesto document) and is ready to take action. We will then add your city logo to the list of signatories and provide visibility and networking opportunities to all of them!

Publication date: February 2024


Join the group of Healthy Homes councils: together, we can change things and have a great impact on health and fuel poverty!

First signatories:

  • City of Valencia (Spain)

  • City of Skopje (North Macedonia)

  • Budapest district Obuda-Bekasmegyer (Hungary)

  • City of Heerlen (The Netherlands)

  • City of Pombal (Portugal)

  • City of Kispest (Hungary)

  • City of Edirne (Turkey)

  • Municipality of Batya (Hungary)


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