Exiting energy poverty and related health problems: European pilots take action.

While 10% of European citizens suffer from energy poverty and policy solutions remain scarce, we have decided to tackle the challenge starting in six cities around Europe.

We want to:

  • Lift people out of energy poverty and improve their health and well-being
  • Provide policy-makers and city practitioners with a blueprint for efficient urban programmes aimed at reducing energy poverty
  • Increase awareness for the structural problem of energy poverty and the right to energy
Socio-health energy audits
Home improvement measures
Energy coaching to empower energy poor households
Digital solutions to support behaviour change
Information and awareness-raising campaigns

Some project numbers

Based on these experiences, the pilots and their academic and non-profit partners will propose EU-wide replicable solutions to policy-makers and city practitioners.


Are the average savings of energy expenditure of the households that participated in Valencia’s program “Right to Energy” (Spain).


Is the number of people who will benefit from renovated households in the city of Edirne (Turkey). They will be monitored and compared to the same number of “control” households.


Is the investment that Leeds City Council (UK) is dedicating to specific energy efficiency initiatives in 2021

European pilot cities take action

Each of the cities together with their academic and non-profit partners, will develop, test and evaluate new innovative health-focused approaches to alleviate energy poverty and improve health, wellbeing and equality for people affected by it.