is located in European part of Türkiye in the border of Bulgaria and Greece. The city has a huge historical heritage from the ancient times to present. Remainings of Old Thrace, Roman and Byzantium Eras are still existed and the marvelous architectural pieces of Ottoman era are the jeweleries of the city panorama.

City website: http://edirne.bel.tr

Sociodemographic characteristics

Edirne central district counted 180.901 inhabitants in 2020. It has a young population (young people under 25 are 52% of the total population) with an economic dependency ratio of 28%. The annual population increase is 2%. Fast industrialization from agricultural production causes immigration from rural to urban areas. Energy poverty is widespread affecting vulnerable groups of society such as low income, the elderly and Roma people.

Activities being implemented

  1. Physical renovation of homes for energy efficiency housing 125 people in selected neighbourhoods and buildings with full consent and participation (building retrofits, set up heaters to the houses, etc.)
  2. Identification of control households with same number of people through full consential procedures as above.
  3. Determination of baselines regarding public health and wellbeing, energy KPI’s (energy audits for baselines and monitoring)
  4. Deployment of monitoring equipment and other techniques (Demand side management and behavioural change techniques)
  5. Information and awareness raising towards energy consciousness


  1. Houses with a total of 125 inhabitants will be selected (people per household varies)
  2. Same number will be selected for the Control group.
  3. Selection will involve (as much as possible) different age, gender and other determinants of socio-economic conditions
  4. Recruiting based on incentives, mainly lower bills, health benefits.
  5. Directly involved actors; local municipality, neighbourhood associations, social help and solidarity groups, neighbourhood administrative heads (muhtar)