– Publications produced by our consortium partners

  • Urban Health Cluster 2nd Joint Policy Briefing (D1.11, Nov 2023): This policy brief firstly addresses some new policy questions and secondly showcases the health determinants that are most and least analysed, linking up to the SDGs.
  • WELLBASED Intermediate Analysis Report (D 4.2, October 2023): As a first batch of data from vulnerable households is available now, we provide you with an overview of the qualitative and quantitative findings and explain the methodologies of health, energy and home related measurements.
  • Warnings from winter 2022-2023: Support measures against energy poverty need to deliver more health benefits (September 2023): first findings of WELLBASED recent research on energy poverty and health in households from 5 nations (Hungary, Latvia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom). The team wanted to explore how vulnerable people came through past winter and define some next policy measures needed for the (near) future. >> Available in English,  Spanish, Hungarian and Turkish
  • How do interventions for energy poverty and health work? (June 2023): In this research paper we review the existing evidence on interventions for energy poverty and health with a novel and distinctive focus on how interventions work to produce health outcomes. The analysis reveals gaps between intervention design and participant response, which suggest that interventions must work closely with participants to ensure success. The paper includes policy recommendations.
  • Urban Health Cluster Joint Policy Briefing (D1.10, Sept 2022): This short brochure explains the purpose of the cluster, composed of six EU-funded projects, and how it is contributing – through evidence – to EU policy in health-related topics.
  • WELLBASED study design paper (August 2022): published in BMC Public Health, this paper describes the study design and intervention conditions through which WELLBASED will collect evidence on energy poverty and health in vulnerable households.
  • WELLBASED Pilot sites evaluation framework (D4.1, April 2022): The evaluation study carried out in the pilot cities will measure health and wellbeing effects, energy poverty indicators and energy efficiency, environmental data from the households, feedback and impressions from participants, and cost effectiveness. The framework of this evaluation study is described in this document.
  • WELLBASED Reports from the focus group created (D2.4, February 2022): Although this report has particular relevance for the development of the interventions in the WELLBASED project, this report is interesting for those who are interested in co-creation and focus group research, and those interested in the challenges of energy poor households and energy
    poor households’ suggestions for measures to support them.
  • WELLBASED Seven adapted urban programmes (D2.3, January 2022): The programmes of the 7 pilot cities described in this document represent different urban realities: diverse population characteristics, housing stock, social economic context, health facilities, political backgrounds regarding the fight against EP, climate conditions, etc. Each programme has been adapted to the local situation and some of their differences and common patterns have been analysed and compared in the document.
  • WELLBASED General Framework of the Urban Programme (D2.2, November 2021): this document defines a common methodology and framework for the seven WELLBASED Urban Programmes (WUP) based on the social ecological model.
  • WELLBASED report on Public Policies and interventions to reduce energy poverty (D2.1, July 2021): A comparative analysis of public policies addressing energy poverty carried out across several European countries.

– Interesting external publications (Scientific articles, reports and other documents)